Company History

Instafreshener was a dream in early 2012 that we followed, that started with months of R&D- testing inks, substrates, oils and packaging. During this time, we were able to develop a process to create a single custom air freshener that does not require set up fees or even bulk orders and were still very high quality. We were able to launch after all of this in October of 2012. Founded by Andrew & Jessica Hendrick, Instafreshener is the leader in producing high quality, long lasting, custom air fresheners for the everyday consumer, and now has bloomed into even more high-quality custom products! Jessica has a background in candle making and is a fragrance oil expert. Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and an excellent problem solver. Together they have 20 years of combined printing and manufacturing experience which contributed to the idea and launch. Since our launch, we have earned the reputation as having high-end unique products and with strong customer service skills, which helps our business continue to grow. We measure ourselves, and our service, by not being the best around, but being the best possible.

Andrew Hendrick - Founder

Andrew is a mult-talented entrepreneur who has a passion for creating awesome products and helping others reach their dreams. A  graduate from UMKC's Entrepreneurship program, he has developed skills to aid in the successes of Instafreshener.

Jessica Hendrick - Co-Founder

Jessica's vast knowledge in fragrance oils and manufacturing processes has helped Instafreshener become what it is today. Her excellent customer service skills and production management has become and asset to the company and she enjoys building something amazing with her husband.

Core Values

“COUNT ON ME” - We are accountable to each other. Our customers depend on us, and we depend on one another. “That’s not my job!” is NOT a phrase in our vocabulary. We embrace a count-on-me mentality; no task is below any of us. We have to be able to rely on our team’s mutual support. If one of us misses the mark, we all fail.

GET IT DONE - Productivity and efficiency is not enough. We strive for effectiveness in our work. This means focusing on the right things in an efficient way. We are disciplined. We embrace a natural get-it-done attitude -- we are self-motivated. We do not sit around waiting for direction.

HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS - We are hungry and driven to succeed at every level: as individuals, as a company, on behalf of our customers. Our constant craving to reach higher highs is what moves us through every day and what gets us up in the morning. It’s why we hold one another accountable and push so hard to get (the right) jobs done. We approach each day enthusiastically. We pursue education passionately, growing our skill sets and staying ahead of trends. We know falling behind means failure.

THE PROFIT: “Profitability” - The efficient use of time and materials results in a profitable company! Being profitable enables us to: reinvest in new equipment, processes, facilities and people to help us grow - provide growth and opportunities for our team - help our team provide for themselves and their families - and give back to the community. We THRIVE on giving back!


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